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Bad Effects of Mining

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Mining has several bad effects. It leaves behind a huge hole after mining is done. Secondly it damages natural beauty. A beautiful landscape which once existed is now a huge piece of dug up earth. The main effects are that trees are cut down, and forests are deforestated. for 1. This brings up the amont of CO2 in the air because thats what trees use up and what we exhale, and secondly it means it is a loss of habitats. Birds, insects squirrels and other wildlife which habitated there now no longer have homes. Even some people rely on trees to use as fuel wood to cook on, heat water on and to stay warm.
Metals are sprayed with toxic chemicals to extract the metal from its ore, or to galvanise the metal. All these processes contribute to global warming which is becoming worse by the minute!

It can also,make the air of public opoin bad which can make wildlife die.

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