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5 Power Herbs and Herbs Benefits

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6 Fruits and Vegetables which Fight Athritis

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10 Most Nutritious Fruits

10 Most Nutritious Vegetables

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Common Diseases and Herbal Cures

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Five Fruits which Help Lower Blood Pressure

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Herbal Medicines

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Herbs for Diabetes

Herbs for Kidney Stones

Know the Benefits of the Food You Eat

Plants Medicine at Your Fingertips

Prosea Herbal

Six Fruits and Vegetables which Fights Athritis

Super Fruits and Vegetables

Weight Loss Herbs


Abaniko,   Alugbati,    Anise,   Atis,   Apple,    Ampalaya,    Atsuete,   Avocado

Balimbing,   Banaba,    Broccoli,   Bunga,

Cantaloupe,  Cauliflower,    Chayote,    Coconut milk,    Coffee (Men),   Coffee (Women),   Comfrey,

Durian  02,

Garlic,   Ginger,   Green Tea and Weight Loss,   Guava,     Guyabano   2,

Hantalikod,   Holy Basil: 15 Benefits



Malunggay,   Mango,   Mangosteen 


Orange,   Oregano Benefits,   

Papaya   2,   Pomegranate,  Pomelo  




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