Time Management Strategies

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Time Management and Organizational Skills
Middlesex Community College

Divide assignments into smaller manageable sub tasks
• distributed learning—work out over several study sessions
• affords student sense of control over work
• provides student with sense of accomplishment

Keep a master calendar for semester
• use large wall-size calendar—list all fixed commitments i.e., job, home responsibilities, class schedule, etc.
• using course syllabi, list all projects, papers, exams for semester for each course

Create weekly schedules
• determine hour-by-hour schedule for the week
• keep in mind 1 1/2–2 hours of study for each hour of class
• highlight exam, papers, etc. due each week
• each day look at weekly calendar and formulate a prioritized “to-do” list
• establish priorities and set time accordingly

Set aside a study space
• find a quiet, comfortable place where there are few distractions
• keep the “tools of your trade” at hand—i.e., pencils, paper, dictionary
• determine your span of concentration: for example: a student with a focused concentration span of 30 minutes should study for 1/2 hour and take a 3-5 minute break; before returning to work, take a 1-2 minute mental review of what was studied
• before beginning next unit of study, quickly preview material
• begin concentrated study for 30 minutes

Know high and low energy time
• use high energy times to study more difficult subjects

Long-range project planning
• count backwards from the due date and estimate time needed for each phase of the project
• always allow more time than is actually needed

Unscheduled time
• use it for rewriting notes
• summarizing lectures
• making up study sheets or flash cards

Go to: Time Management Source Page / Classroom Strategies / Learning Strategies Page
/ Organizational Tips / CLC Home Page

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