Common Diseases and Herbal Cures

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Common Cold
The cold is the most common infectious disease. It is caused by virus transmitted through direct contact with an infected person, droplets from sneezing and coughing, and the use of articles contamin…

MEASLES Measles is a contagious disease. It is caused by a virus found in discharges from a patient?s nose and throat. It is most common among very young children. Symptoms: Symptoms appear usu…

PNEUMONIA Pneumonia is a serious contagious disease of the lunchs caused by pneumococcus and other bacteria. It is spread through droplets from a patient?s cough or sneeze, direct contact such as ki…

Herbal Remedies
ABSCESSES AND BOILS ALUGBATI LEAVES Preparation: Crush two leaves Application: Apply as poultice twice a day Crush two Alugbati leaves, apply as pultice twice a day BURNS SABILA LEAVES Pr…

Herbal Cures Part 1
SKIN ITCHINESS AND ALLERGY Herbal Medications: 1. KAKAWATE LEAVES Crush or chop young leaves and extract juice Apply the juice on the skin until the itchiness is relieved. 2. KALATSUTSI SAP …

Herbal Cures Part 2
1. LAGUNDI This grows anywhere in the country and is used as cure for headache, fever, cough, wound and ulcer. Doctors administering drug preparation out of lagundi reported that the prescribed dosa…

Poliomyelitis is an infectious disease. It is caused by a virus transmitted from person to person through discharges from the nose and throat and from contamination with human waste. Poliomyelitis…

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