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Green Tea Contributes to Weight Loss by Raising Metabolism

It sounds too good to be true: could green tea really help us to lose weight? In fact, studies show that the caffeine and polyphenols in green tea increase thermogenesis, the rate at which calories are burned, and therefore raises metabolism. Raising metabolism causes the body to burn more calories, which in turn can lead to weight loss. In addition, research indicates that green tea consumption activates a higher rate of fat oxidation, which can also help weight loss.

In a human study, participants taking green tea extract and still following a typical Western diet experienced a significant increase in their energy expenditure. The researchers concluded that participants using green tea extract had increased fat oxidation beyond what could be attributed to the caffeine they consumed. This indicates that green tea contains beneficial components that affect the body’s metabolism in such a way that favors weight loss.

In addition, researchers observed that participants using green tea extract did not have increased heart rate, suggesting that green tea may be an alternative to many stimulant based diet aids.

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