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Pneumonia is a serious contagious disease of the lunchs caused by pneumococcus and other bacteria. It is spread through droplets from a patient?s cough or sneeze, direct contact such as kissing, or the use of articles freshly soiled with discharges from the patient?s nose and throat.

Untreated cold or influenza may develop into pneumonia.

1. Stabbing pain in the chest and back
2. Difficulty of breathing
3. Headache
4. Sudden onset of high fever and chills
5. Cough
6. Fatigue

1. Stay warm in bed
2. Disinfect all discharges and articles
3. Call a doctor immediately

The community should take an active role in intensifying information dissemination regarding the disease and observe the following:
1. Avoid contact with pneumonia patients
2. Stay warm in bed when you have a cold
3. Avoid overcrowded places.
4. Have enough rest, sleep and good nourishing food to build body resistance
5. Discharges from the nose and mouth should be disposed properly
6. use warm clothing during cold weather.
7. Change clothes immediately when wet
8. Disinfect all articles used by the patient with pneumonia
9. Consult a doctor when a cold persists.



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