Know the Benefits of the Food You Eat

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by Sexy Mom     January 18th, 2007

I couldn’t help but share an excellent food chart that a friend passed on to me (thanks, Viv!). The name of the person who compiled the list was not written, though.

I was delighted to find out that beets, cabbage, carrots, chestnuts, olive oil, and peanuts, which we have in abundance promote weight loss. And I thought only green tea would help. Find out more below.

* APPLES: Protect your heart, Prevent constipation, Block diarrhea, Improve lung capacity, Cushion joints

* APRICOTS: Combat cancer, Control blood pressure, Save your eyesight, Shield against Alzheimer’s, Slow aging process

* ARTICHOKES: Aid digestion, Lower cholesterol, Protect your heart, Stabilize blood sugar, Guard against liver disease

* AVOCADOS: Battle diabetes, Lower cholesterol, Help stop strokes, Control blood pressure, Smoothen skin

* BANANAS: Protect your heart, Quiet a cough, Strengthen bones, Control blood pressure, Block diarrhea

* BEANS: Prevent constipation, Help hemorrhoids, Lower cholesterol, Combat cancer, Stabilize blood sugar

* BEETS: Control blood pressure, Combat cancer, Strengthen bones, Protect your heart, Aid weight loss

*BLUEBERRIES: Combat cancer, Protect your heart, Stabilize blood sugar, Boost memory, Prevent constipation

* BROCCOLLI: ,Strengthens bones, Saves eyesight, Combats cancer, Protects your heart, Controls blood pressure

* CABBAGE: Combats cancer, Prevents constipation, Promotes weight loss, Protects your heart, Helps in relief of hemorrhoids

* CANTALOUPES: Save eyesight, Control blood pressure, Lower cholesterol, Combat cancer, Support immune system

* CARROTS: Save eyesight, Protect your heart, Prevent constipation, Combats cancer, Promote weight loss

* CAULIFLOWER: Protects against prostate cancer, Combats breast cancer, Strengthens bones, Banishes bruises, Guards against heart disease

* CHERRIES: Protect your heart, Combat Cancer, End insomnia, Slow aging process, Shield against Alzheimer’s

* CHESTNUTS: Promote weight loss, Protect your heart, Lower cholesterol, Combat cancer, Control blood pressure

* CHILI PEPPERS: Aid digestion, Soothe sore throat, Clear sinuses, Combat cancer, Boost immune system

* FIGS: Promote weight loss, Help stop strokes, Lower cholesterol, combat cancer, Control blood pressure

*FISH: Protects your heart, Boosts memory, Protects your heart, Combats cancer, Supports immune system

* FLAX: Aids digestion, Battles diabetes, Protects your heart, Improves mental health, Boosts immune system

* GARLIC: Lowers cholesterol, Controls blood pressure, Combats cancer, Kills bacteria, Fights fungus

* GRAPEFRUIT: Protects against heart attacks, Promotes Weight loss, Helps stops strokes, Combats Prostate Cancer, Lowers cholesterol

* GRAPES: Save eyesight, Conquer kidney stones, Combat cancer, Enhance blood flow, Protect your heart

* GREEN TEA: Combats cancer, Protects your heart, Helps stops strokes, Promotes Weight loss, Kills bacteria

* HONEY: Heals wounds, Aids digestion, Guards against ulcers,Increases energy, Fights allergies

* LEMONS: Combat cancer, Protect your heart, Control blood pressure, Smoothen skin, Stop scurvy

* LIMES: Combat cancer, Protect your heart, Control blood pressure, SmootheN skin, Stop scurvy

* MANGOES: Combat cancer, Boost memory, Regulate thyroid, Aid digestion, Shield against Alzheimer’s

* MUSHROOMS: Control blood pressure, Lower cholesterol, Kill bacteria, Combat cancer, Strengthen bones

*OATS: Lower cholesterol, Combat cancer, battles diabetes, Prevents constipation, Smoothen skin

* OLIVE OIL: Protects your heart, Promotes weight loss, combats cancer, Battles diabetes, Smoothens skin

*ONIONS: Reduce risk of heart attack, Combat cancer, Kill bacteria, Lower cholesterol, Fight fungus

*ORANGES; Support immune systems, Combat cancer, Protect your heart, Straighten respiration

* PEACHES: ,Prevent constipation, Combat cancer, Help stop strokes, Aid digestion, Help in relief of hemorrhoids

*PEANUTS: Protect against heart disease, Promote weight loss, Combat prostate cancer, Lower cholesterol, aggravates diverticulitis

* PINEAPPLE: Strengthens bones, Relieves colds, Aids digestion, Dissolves warts, Block diarrhea

PRUNES: Slow aging process, Prevent constipation, Boost memory, Lower cholesterol, Protect against heart diesease.


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