10 Fruits With Highest Calories

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Watch out for these fruits if you’re concerned about calories.

These fruits are deliciously nutritious, but if you’re watching your caloric intake you might want to limit your consumption

Based on 100 gram serving:

1. Tamarinds – 239 calories

Tamarinds are packed with the highest sugar and calories. The good news is they are also loaded with the richest protein, iron and potassium among fruits.

2. Avocados – 160 calories

Don’t let the high calorie content of avocados be the reason for you to avoid this fruit as they are one of the most nutritious. They’re highest in folate, vitamin E, tryptophan, and zinc which helps strengthen the immune system and promote prostate health.

3. Durian – 147 calories

Notorious for its smell and taste, many people shun durian the same way that others are totally drawn into it. If you’re one of those who dig this fruit, you’re providing your body with a high dose of vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and B complex.

4. Sapotes – 134 calories

High in vitamin C, fiber, potassium and magnesium and one of the top fighters in the combat against depression with their tryptophan content—these are just some of the healthy goodness that sapotes have to offer.

5. American persimmons – 127 calories

Persimmons can provide over 100% of the DV in vitamin C. It helps prevent anemia with its rich iron supply and the potassium content helps lower blood pressure.

6. Plantains – 122 calories

If you want higher potassium, omega-3’s and vitamins A and C, choose plantains over sweet bananas.  Add them in stews, fry or mash like potatoes.

7. Rowal – 111 calories

Forget about the rowal’s high calorie content but instead think about their high copper supply which can offer many health benefits including helping maintain healthy bones and keeping the thyroid healthy.

8. Breadfruit – 103 calories

Do you want more fiber and potassium from fruits? The breadfruit has more vitamin C, potassium and fiber than the jackfruit, its close relative.

9. Custard-apple – 101 calories

This heart-shaped fruit is tasty and nutritious. It can be made into a sweet drink and can be used as a milk substitute. It is called sugar-apple or sweetsop in other countries and California and Britain refers to it as the cherimoya. Sugar-apple and cherimoya are actually two different fruits from the same genus.

10. Purple passion-fruit – 97 calories

The purple passion-fruit is loaded with the highest fiber among fruits. Fiber helps keep the digestive system healthy so it can absorb nutrients. Purple passion-fruit can be made into soufflé or a deliciously refreshing lassi.

Other high-calorie fruits:

* Jackfruit – 94 calories

* Soursop – 94 calories

* Bananas – 89 calories

* Pomegranates – 83 calories

* Sapodilla – 83 calories

* Nutrient data source: USDA
source: http://healthmad.com/nutrition/10-fruits-with-highest-calories/


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